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  • Race report from the Soling Ger1, Roman Koch

    Posted on July 12th, 2012 Nancy No comments

    Lake Como, a wonderfull spot in northern Italy and it was said, that they have a thermical breeze here…interesting…but it seems there is really one…on the other racing areas!
    Anyway, 13 solings at the starting line, more as double than 4 years before at the first VG. Checking the starting list and it could be very tough racing.
    First race on monday in a light southerly breeze. Stu (US 839) messed up our start (probably he lost orientation, but a windward boat still has to keep clear!) and so we were behind all other boats. Thomas (GER 292) was leading but Rudy (NED 33) took the lead after the run and won with ease. Stu (US 839) had some other incidents (port/starboard, tacking) but fortunately for him, he seems to have a real “legend bonus”, nobody protested him and so he finished a very good second ahead of comebacker Sergey, crewing for Igor (UKR 1).
    Second race was started later in a very light and extremely shifty breeze. Rudy (NED 33), Igor (UKR 1) and Peter (AUT 122) fought the whole race and at the end Peter got the bullet ahead of Igor and Rudy.
    Sailors from the other areas reported, that there was a really nice breeze up to 4 bft…hmmmm…jealous….
    After racing we had the daily price giving and some pasta.
    Tuesday we were waiting the whole day for wind, but nothing showed up, only some thunderstorms.
    Wednesday same situation: cloudy and it doesn`t look very good, but later in the afternoon, a nice southerly breeze built up and we started. Peter (AUT 122) took the early lead for one round ahead of Igor (UKR 1) and Roman (GER 1). On the second beat all changed a bit: Roman got a header and tacked to take the lead, Peter and Igor following. At the end Roman won a length ahead of Peter and Igor. Rudy (NED 33) finished 10th.
    The RC tried a second start with a bit more wind (2-3 bft). Stu was leading, Roman and Igor following, when shortly before the windward mark the wind started to change direction by 180 degrees and a heavy thunderstorm came up. The race was abandoned and all sailors went back to the shore in really strong winds and later some heavy rain.
    Again daily price giving and pasta party, where a new FD from Hungary was shown.
    Today it looks perfect: blue sky, sunny, no clouds and quite cold…hoping for a bit more breeze to sail the next two races…stay tuned

  • Race Report From Olympiajol NED 652

    Posted on July 11th, 2012 Nancy No comments

    In every class we’ve asked the sailors to be our eyes and ears in during the races. Here we post their stories.
    This is a race report from Klaas den Boer, Olympiajol NED 652.

    Because of the impending bad weather we did’t sail yesterday. We did however did a high speed sail in the new “Smile” from Herman van Eijk. (also Ojol). I did not pay attention and when the boat speeded up i nearly got trown overboard, mmmm

    Well today tried sailing, proposed starting time was 11.30 am. That didn’t work out so we waited for the wind to change and the southern wind to come in. It did and we started the second race at 14.00 pm. With a wind change of about 30 degrees al we could do keep our cool and sail on. Since the last race report there now was a battle near the  portside mountain wall.

    We think we saw George Cloony in his aquaplane (but not sure). Not sure where the strange waves were coming from either.

    In the end Dutch sailor Ton op de Weegh got all the credits in taking the first place. Stefan Dömök took second place and the ever relaxed Dutch Max Blom took the third place. After the finish we almost immediatly we’re preparing for the second race of the day. It looked promising with a nice 8 knots. Then it got darker on the north side of the lake and the first lightning striked within the hour. Everybody was immediatly told to get out of the water. All hands on deck as everybody helped to get all the ojolle and Europes on shore just before the 40 knots of wind hit us.  It took me a long time to console everyone who was in the lead…

  • Race report from the Tempest Class

    Posted on July 10th, 2012 Nancy No comments

    In all the classes we’ve asked race reporters (sailors) to report on what’s going on in the races.

    In the tempest class the first report from the tempest class is from Jean Marie Thierry FRA 731.

    Since the authorities did not allow al the Tempests to be moored it was agreed to allow craning of Tempests every day,as we do in our club in Seine Port near Paris.

    There where not so many boats on the starting line most of the boats made it to the left mark which left only three boats near the committtee boat. It was a perfect start and alle the boats headed for the left part of the lake but one, our FRA 731….

    We tried the right side, then worried by the fact that we were alone we tacked and crossed ahead of a number of Tempests but then we “fell” in a wind hole and lost our advantage. (the conclusion was to never change your initial decision!).

    The first boat to round the top mark was GER 1128, with Rolf Bahr (more then 7 times world champion and former olympic  sailor in the Games of 1976).

    As expected, the fight was tough between other boats and you could identify the second at the mark, SUI 1122 (with a wife & husband crew, Cornelia und Ruedi KRISTEN)
    Mario Suter on SUI1136 and Gérard Aumont on FRA 1182 followed, and kept fighting for the third place until the finish line…
    We tried to “chase” the boats but they were more than 100 meters away. Before the jibing mark, we kept to the windy side to avoid those “wind holes” .We jibed properly (thanks to our “automatic pool launcher” copied from the 5O5.

    GER 1128 won the first race, followed by SUI 1122, and SUI1136

    15th on 15 boats… as we say  in French “l’important, c’est de participer” .

    Second race

    The 3 first FDs managed to arrive ahead of us, so we tacked to allow a fair competition between the first one (from spain) and the two followers (from Austria).
    We started at about 4 pm, with the small course (a “double banana” as we say in French). Wind slightly increased (but died later in the afternoon).Again, all boats made it to the left mark and we were only three boats to the right part of the line.

    Some boats were too optimistic and the individual recall flag was raised after the start.
    Fortunately, nobody was ranked OCS as the “culprits” quickly came back to the start line and rounded the left end mark.This time, we decided to keep to our initial choice. What a surprise, the marks had been moved to the right and we round it with 5 boats behind us ! SUI1138 rounded the mark first, thanks to his good position with respect to the fleet, again on the left part of the course.

    To the bottom mark
    The big issue was: jibe or not… we managed to make it directly to the mark with the spinnaker on port.  We kept our place, but SUI 1138 lost his first place.  Some boats were like “stucked” in dying winds.

    Lessons on the second beat.
    Keep away from the wind holes ! Anyway, we had to leave the right side and made a good  way to the mark , with a welcoming wind shifting to the right.  Anyway, we lost two places to quicker (and more recent boats).

    By keeping to the “good side”, we regained one place and finished twelve, with our 40 years old boat. Cornelia and Ruedi Christen in Sui 1122 came in first in this race followed closely by the Italian team in ITA 1035.

    Follow the “after race procedure”:
    1. go back to Circolo Vela Bellano (no wind more !)
    2. Crane the boat
    3. Grab the refreshing can offered, containing a bubbly liquid made from barley & others… they call it “birra” here.
    4. Jump into the lake and refresh your body
    5. Go to the pricegiving party in Dervio and refuel (energy)for tomorrow

  • Race report from the Olympiajol Class

    Posted on July 10th, 2012 Nancy No comments

    In all of the races we have asked sailors to send in their reports about the races.

    Here you find a report from race reporter Ton op de Weegh, Ojol NED653

    The first racing day on lake Como was a very special reunion with the beautiful lake, a nice 10 knots of wind with the sun blazing.
    Two races in the Ojol

    where sailed, the first race with a Dutch winner Thies Bosch. Thies knew first to tack to the right to the mountain walls, take the lead and not give it away anymore.
    Martin Baas, in only his second race of the year, grabbed an unexpected second place.
    In this race Dutch sailor Hans van Beek also sailed convincing, he came in third. Ger 519 Andre Kliver, sailed in a borrowed boat and ended up in fourth place closely followed by this reporter Ton op de Weegh.
    In the second race Martin Baas in NED 612 was doing well, cleverly did what Thies Bosch did in the first race; tacked to the right near to the mountain wall and won. So to all of your sailors in the O-jolle class if the conditions are similar, you know what to do! Martin was followed closely by Hans van Beek in the NED 540 who came in second place and Max Blom in NED 631 finished 3rd. Between him and your reporter who came in fifth again was Herman van Eijk in the NED 562.
    All in all, perfect conditions for sailors and those who accompanied them.

    My compliments go out to the organizing committees of Bellano and Dervio for having 8 former Olympic classes out on the water.