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  • Sailing Instructions Vintage 2012

    Posted on June 11th, 2012 Nancy No comments

    Al competitors have received the sailing instructions for the Vintage Yachting Games 2012.

    For those interested you can click here: sailing-instructions2012.

  • Stuart Walker, competitor in the Vintage 2012

    Posted on June 1st, 2012 Nancy No comments

    With a sailing career spanning over seven decades, Dr. Stuart Walker is a Chesapeake Bay icon. The first American to win the Prince of Wales Cup in 1964, Dr. Walker is a World War II veteran, a former member of the US Olympic Team, a retired pediatrician, and the author of ten books about the art and physics of sailing and mastering the challenges of competition.  If you want to know how to win the Vintage Yachting Games 2012 you should read his new book: The code of competition.

    Nautica 02 was honored to spend a day with him while he competed at the Severn Sailing Association, the Annapolis Small Boat Racing Club he established in 1957. 

    There will be an interview with Stuart on this website in the near future, but first look at this magnificent video where he talks about his love of sailing and the olympics.

  • Genova Boat Show

    Posted on October 12th, 2011 Nancy No comments

    The president of Multilario; Pietro Adamoli gave a ” Vintage” Press conference at the Genova Boat show.  At the crowded press conference Pietro spoke about the Vintage Yachting Games, the number of classes that it consists of and the number of participating countries and sailors. He made it very clear that this event is one to be on the look-out for and the buzz started. Click vintage_yachting_games_comunicato_stampa_10_ottobre_2011.pdf for a short overview of the press-conference and below on links to italian news articles about the Vintage Yachting Games.

  • Mete E Sapori Di Lombardia Sul Lago

    Posted on October 30th, 2010 Nancy No comments

    The promotional start of the 2012 Vintage Yachting Games took place during a impressive meeting of the ministries of tourism of several provinces of the Lombardy region in Lecco Italy. In special the Provinces of Como and Lecco are starting a campaign to increase the nautical tourism. For this campaign a large exhibition tent (500+ persons) was setup in center ofpromenade of the lake. 

    On Sunday October 17, Marco Canepa (president of Multilario), Alberto Barenghi (president of our supervisory board) and Rudy den Outer were invited to hold a presentation on the Vintage Yachting Games for the ministries of tourism of Lecco and Como. We had one hour to present our event.    


    Our hosts were ”L’Assessore al Turismo della Provincia di Lecco” Fabio Dadati & “L’Assessore al Turismo della Provincia di Como” Achille Mojoli. 

    The presentation consisted of an explanation of the Vintage Yachting Games concept as well as an introduction of the Vintage Yachting Classes, a forecast of the number of participants, countries and continents by Rudy and Alberto. Marco Canepa finaly explained the organizational aspects of the Vintage. The whole of the presentation linked the Vintage to the nautical features of Lake Come and our mutual interests.  

    After the presentation both provinces promised to support the event on several ways. Besides other substantial promises we can use the Villa Monastero for our prize giving ceremony.    monastero

    This villa is one of the most interesting examples of eclectic style residence on the Lake Como. Originally built to accommodate the cistercensian monastery of Santa Maria, first quoted in a document dated 1208. Since 1963 the villa is an international cultural and scientific centre. 

    So we can look back to a wonderful start of the Vintage Yachting Games promotion around Lake image016.jpgComo despite the Dutch weather.