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  • Race Report From Olympiajol NED 652

    Posted on July 11th, 2012 Nancy No comments

    In every class we’ve asked the sailors to be our eyes and ears in during the races. Here we post their stories.
    This is a race report from Klaas den Boer, Olympiajol NED 652.

    Because of the impending bad weather we did’t sail yesterday. We did however did a high speed sail in the new “Smile” from Herman van Eijk. (also Ojol). I did not pay attention and when the boat speeded up i nearly got trown overboard, mmmm

    Well today tried sailing, proposed starting time was 11.30 am. That didn’t work out so we waited for the wind to change and the southern wind to come in. It did and we started the second race at 14.00 pm. With a wind change of about 30 degrees al we could do keep our cool and sail on. Since the last race report there now was a battle near the  portside mountain wall.

    We think we saw George Cloony in his aquaplane (but not sure). Not sure where the strange waves were coming from either.

    In the end Dutch sailor Ton op de Weegh got all the credits in taking the first place. Stefan Dömök took second place and the ever relaxed Dutch Max Blom took the third place. After the finish we almost immediatly we’re preparing for the second race of the day. It looked promising with a nice 8 knots. Then it got darker on the north side of the lake and the first lightning striked within the hour. Everybody was immediatly told to get out of the water. All hands on deck as everybody helped to get all the ojolle and Europes on shore just before the 40 knots of wind hit us.  It took me a long time to console everyone who was in the lead…

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