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  • Race report from the Soling Ger1, Roman Koch

    Posted on July 12th, 2012 Nancy No comments

    Lake Como, a wonderfull spot in northern Italy and it was said, that they have a thermical breeze here…interesting…but it seems there is really one…on the other racing areas!
    Anyway, 13 solings at the starting line, more as double than 4 years before at the first VG. Checking the starting list and it could be very tough racing.
    First race on monday in a light southerly breeze. Stu (US 839) messed up our start (probably he lost orientation, but a windward boat still has to keep clear!) and so we were behind all other boats. Thomas (GER 292) was leading but Rudy (NED 33) took the lead after the run and won with ease. Stu (US 839) had some other incidents (port/starboard, tacking) but fortunately for him, he seems to have a real “legend bonus”, nobody protested him and so he finished a very good second ahead of comebacker Sergey, crewing for Igor (UKR 1).
    Second race was started later in a very light and extremely shifty breeze. Rudy (NED 33), Igor (UKR 1) and Peter (AUT 122) fought the whole race and at the end Peter got the bullet ahead of Igor and Rudy.
    Sailors from the other areas reported, that there was a really nice breeze up to 4 bft…hmmmm…jealous….
    After racing we had the daily price giving and some pasta.
    Tuesday we were waiting the whole day for wind, but nothing showed up, only some thunderstorms.
    Wednesday same situation: cloudy and it doesn`t look very good, but later in the afternoon, a nice southerly breeze built up and we started. Peter (AUT 122) took the early lead for one round ahead of Igor (UKR 1) and Roman (GER 1). On the second beat all changed a bit: Roman got a header and tacked to take the lead, Peter and Igor following. At the end Roman won a length ahead of Peter and Igor. Rudy (NED 33) finished 10th.
    The RC tried a second start with a bit more wind (2-3 bft). Stu was leading, Roman and Igor following, when shortly before the windward mark the wind started to change direction by 180 degrees and a heavy thunderstorm came up. The race was abandoned and all sailors went back to the shore in really strong winds and later some heavy rain.
    Again daily price giving and pasta party, where a new FD from Hungary was shown.
    Today it looks perfect: blue sky, sunny, no clouds and quite cold…hoping for a bit more breeze to sail the next two races…stay tuned

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