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  • Race report from your Tempest Reporter Jean Marie

    Posted on July 13th, 2012 Nancy No comments

    Race Report Tempest Wednesday

    A quick reminder about july 10th:
    Well, we were a bit disappointed to miss the good north wind in the morning. Once again, Murphy’s law fully applied (you know the description of the rule: “if it can, it will….”). So we craned the boat in wavy conditions around 12, went to our sailing zone,  saw the wind shift from north to west and slowly die, then blow again from the north but too late , following the race committee decision at 4 PM (You’ll see they were right to do so by reading the story about the cancelled 4th race of July 11).

    So on this Wednesday 11th, we had again a nice weather after the strong north wind that lasted the whole night.  The thermic wind was a bit late and Tempests were ready to start around 2:30 PM, for the “double banana” course.
    Always the same question: what is the “good side “ ?  No idea, so we stayed in the middle of the line. Most of the boats gathered to the blue mark (left). GER1128 helmsman, Rolf BAHR (our several times champion) recommended me to go to the left, but he soon tacked after the start (!), and so did we.
    For the boats sailing to the right, the wind was just ahead of us and soon hit our sails (this side was again the good one !). The fleet, splitted in two parts, finally gathered at the upper mark and we were 10th when rounding it (noticeable achievement !). One boat managed to insert on port tack between a Tempest on starboard tack and the mark but hit the buoy and had to  “repair” her fault by making a 360° turn.
    Do not try the direct route with a Tempest, particularly slow in this configuration.  Most of the fleet had their spinnakers on starboard; we just lengthened a little bit our “dog leg” to avoid one jibe.
    We suffered from another occurrence of Murphy’s law: the spinnaker refused to go up and part of it went below the hull, because of a blockage in the halyard, due to a small piece of tape that prevented the pulley from rolling…we solved the issue and try to regain the 100 meters we lost.
    The second beat was very profitable on starboard tack: we managed to benefit from the wind shift up to 175° (straight to the mark) during a long while. We were still behind at the upper mark, but closer to FRA 1176 (less than 50 meters).
    The spinnaker was correctly established this time, and we made it to the bottom mark without jibe (we were a bit lazy, but our rank wouldn’t change…)
    Stick to the right !
    Guess who won ? Again Rölf BAHR and his crew Christian SPRANGER. As for us, we again closed the list…
    Another one… it was a fine idea to stick to the right as we passed the upper mark with 5 boats behind us, but the wind finally died in the second beat to bottom mark, while a gale was arriving quickly from the north part of the lake. We made it quickly to the harbour, and we all arrived safe. We were not allowed to moor our boat side to side with another one, so we moored in the middle of two Slipways: I tell you, the Italians always have a solution !

    We doubled the moorings to prevent any trouble during the night, and climbed into the rubber boat who took us back to Circolo Vela from the harbour ( we were jumping high in the waves as  if we were at sea). I have to congratulate the driver for his accurate “landing” into the garage, without hurting the piers, although waves up to 60 cms (20 fts) were shaking us very hard.

    The Swiss team (with a position of 6 in this race) lost their first place to Rölf & Christian from Germany . You will also notice – not very common in France – the fairness of the French teams filling the bottom part of the result sheet: 11/13/14/15 on 15 boats!

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