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  • Olympiajol Thursday 12 July 2012, By Thies Bosch, NED 66

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    The initial resting day was sacrificed in order to catch up and reach a total of 5 races during four days. A low daily average but who cares: the scenery and setting  is great.

    So, all boats on the water following the normal discipline: the wind turns around one O’clock and falls from the Swiss Alps over the Como lake. Complete predictability until the clouds prevent the Alps to warm up. This was the reason one racing day had to be skipped. But not today: nature behaved like Swiss clockwork!

    At the first, very sharp, start nobody return after the signal. So somebody in the fleet had DSQ sword hanging above him, but who? A small but strong group of strong Dutch sailors lead the race. Boat builder Herman van Eijk, sail maker Martin Baas and the former European Champion Ton op de Weegh. The latter won this title also on this beautiful Italian lake so the odds were in his favour. And Herman nor Martin could not lose as all three sailed van Eijk boats and Hagoort sails. But it was not that Ton got the victory for free, only in the last part he managed to push his boat first over the finish line. Followed by Herman, Martin, Harry Voss (GER), Klaas de Boer (European Master 2012) and Andre Kliver (GER). But, who got it wrong at the starting line? It was Herman Van Eijk who should have build his Olympiajol 10 centimetre shorter in order to have started correctly!
    After all Olympiajols had finished the committee did not lose time and went straight forward to the second race. And this race you can typecast as very interesting. As, race after race, one lesson was paramount: It’s the Wall, stupid! No exceptions: upwind the mountain pays off. But here, suddenly, in the fifth race collective insanity tried to bend reality: almost the complete fleet went for the opposite side.  Did they really think nature would be impressed and obey? Later excuses: we saw the wind fading close to the wall, were waek. With a smile from ear to ear four dull but conservative sailors continued heading to the wall and had a very laid back race: Ton first, followed by Thies Bosch, Harry Voss and Stefan Domok (GER). The gap was wide but Klaas de Boer was best of the rest. For Ton it was his third consecutive victory!

    So, where are we in the provisional standing? Ton op de Weegh (10 points) leading before Martin Baas (14 points), Thies Bosch, Harry Voss and title defender Max Blom. Max, sailing his new, Magic Marine labelled sail has accepted to give up the prolongation of the Vintage Games title. But Ton and Martin are still close and the last days will decide.

    In the evening a Gala dinner took place around the market square of Bellano. Beautiful setting, good food, not enough beer and wine but interesting chats with the other sailors and their partners. Some of them had it wrong and over estimated the word Gala during this Vintage Games, ending up very overdressed under the nice Italian evening sun…

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