Vintage Yachting Games 2012

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  • Introduction

    The Vintage Yachting Games (Vintage) are the International Post-Olympic Yachting/Sailing event for former Olympic classes.

    The Vintage is held every four years.

    The idea behind the Vintage is to Organize a four yearly high-end event in the calendars of all the former Olympic classes after their discontinuation of the Olympics.

    First the idea was discusses and developed locally by Rudy den Outer and representatives of several Dutch class organizations of former Olympic classes (Martijn van der Driest/Europe , Harold Wijgers/Flying Dutchman, Johan Offermans/Soling, Michiel van Dis/Dragon and Hans Nadorp/5.5 Metre).

    In the next phase the presidents/chairman of the International Classes became involved (Jan Abrahamsen (DEN)/Europe, Theo Meus (NED)/O-Jolle, Alberto Barenghi (ITA)/Flying Dutchman, Rose Hoeksema (USA)/Soling and Rupert Fisher (GER)/Dragon).


    The first edition was held in Medemblik from 20–27 September 2008. During the closing ceremony the next host country, Italy, received the Vintage flag from the mayor of Medemblik: Th. van Eijk.


    The Vintage Yachting Games Organization (VYGO), a foundation under Dutch Law, was founded on December 11, 2006 by Rudy den Outer (NED), Nancy Schoof (NED) and Sebastian Hopf (GER).

    The VYGO has since become the governing body of the Vintage Yachting Games, whose structure and actions are defined by her constitution and charter.

    The VYGO’s ownership lies with the Vintage Yachting Classes.