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  • Charter

    Charter Vintage Yachting Games

    The constitution of the Vintage Yachting Games Organization is based upon the Vintage Yachting Games Charter. Decisions made by the board or supervisory board and even race management must be in line with this charter (charter.pdf):

    1. Sailing is a sport to be performed with light sailing vessels (yachts). Sailing is done by sailors. Sailors participate in the sport in order to win races or series. This winning must be reached only by fair sailing, superior speed, strategically and tactical maneuvering, use of knowledge, excellent performance of skill and showing correct behavior
    2. The Vintage Yachting Games is the result of the organized action, carried out under the authority of the Stichting Vintage Yachting Games Organization (VYGO), of all participating individuals and entities who like the game of Sailing. Its symbol is the yachts logo
    3. All Individual Competitors, Judges, Coaches, Measurers, Members of the Regatta Committee, Sponsors, Organizers, Supervisory Board Members as well as Board Members regard the Competing Sailor in the Vintage Yachting Games as the most important stakeholder of the Vintage Yachting Games. They must act in order to guard the interest of those Sailors. The way active and competitive sailors want to play the game of Sailing is paramount for the Vintage Yachting Games
    4. The interest of Vintage Yachting Games sailors in a specific class will be guarded by the relevant International Class Organizations (ICO) participating in the Vintage Yachting Games Organization’s Supervisory Board
    5. During the Vintage Yachting Games the sailors represent their National Class Organization (NCO) In the absence of a NCO the relevant ICO will act in her place
    6. Any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise is incompatible with the object Vintage Yachting Games and its organization