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  • 1968 -1988 Sailors

    • 1968  At the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, five events in sailing were contested. Races were held from October 14, 1968 to October 21, 1968 off the coast of Acapulco (MEX).
    • 1972 The Sailing program of 1972 consisted of a total of six sailing classes (disciplines). For each class seven races were scheduled from August 29, 1972 to September 8, 1972 of the coast of Kiel-Schilksee in the Firth of Kiel. Kiel hosted the Olympic sailing competitions for the second time, having previously done so during the 1936 Summer Olympics. The sailing was done on the triangular type Olympic courses.
    • 1976 At the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal (CAN), six events in sailing were contested. Two events were for men only, and the other four were open events for men and women. Races were held on Lake Ontario near Kingston, Ontario.
    • 1980 Sailing (also called yachting) at the 1980 Summer Olympics was represented by six events. They were all held at the Pirita Yachting Centre, situated in Tallinn Bay, on the Baltic Sea in Tallinn (EST). The schedule started on July 22 and ended on August 1.
    • 1984 At the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California (USA) a total number of seven sailing events were contested. The competition was held from July 31 to August 8, 1984, with 300 participants (298 men and 2 women) from 60 countries. The youngest competitor was Tony Philp (15 years, 48 days) from Fiji, while the oldest participant was Paul Elvstrøm (56 years, 158 days) from Denmark.
    • 1988 At the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, eight events in sailing were contested in Busan and was the first time that a separate event was allocated exclusively for women (sailed in the 470 class). Busan in Korea was reportedly a light wind venue but no one realised until too late that this information came from the airport which was located in a sheltered valley. It turned out to be that the 1988 Olympic Games were one of the the windiest ever with one day of racing postponed due to too much wind. one day of racing saw around 30 knots of wind with 5 knots of current going against the wind. There was a lot of equipment damage and rescues for many classes resulting in many DNF’s and requests for redress.